Laetitia Madjene upset with the kickboxing promotion Kunlun Fight
Kunlun Fight disappoints the title contender at the women's kickboxing tournament, Laetitia Madjene / Pic: Facebook

Kunlun Fight replaces the title contender Laetitia Madjene with the defeated semi-finalist Anissa Haddaoui in the final of the women’s kickboxing tournament.

Kickboxing champion out of France Laetitia Madjene appears disappointed in the Chinese promotion Kunlun Fight. “Miss Dynamite” was expected to fight in the final of the women’s tournament (61,5 kg) this coming Saturday at Kunlun Fight 64 in Chongqing.

However due to an injury Madjene has reportedly requested the organization to postpone the bout. The latter instead replaced her with Dutch Anissa Haddaoui, who has unanimously lost against the French fighter in the semi-final bout of the tournament in May.

Madjene entered the contest as the “wild card” last October. Taking the quarter-final bout against Canadian Candice Mitchell on a week notice, she saved the tournament being a replacement for Belgian Anke Van Gestel.

Madjene scored a unanimous decision against Mitchell, advancing to the semi-final which was held six months later. She similarly beat Haddaoui, and in summary earned her ticket to the championship bout to face Wang Kehan of China.

In the quarter-final Kehan defeated Korina Papachrysanthou of Greece via the first-round TKO. In the semi-final held in May she was expected to fight Brazilian Juliana Werner. However the latter, victorious against Russian Diana Zubrovskaia in the opening round, was replaced by Van Gestel who was placed back into the tournament.

Kehan defeated Van Gestel via an extra round decision. As a result she was meant to fight Madjene in the final of the tournament for the Kunlun Fight championship belt.

On Tuesday Laetitia Madjene made a post on her profiles in social media.

Being withdrawn from the championship fight, Madjene appeared expressing her feeling of the unfair treatment by Kunlun Fight. As well, raised the question of the value of the organization’s belt, and made a statement regarding the contenders for the title.

“Are you serious? Kunlun Fight are you really serious?”

“In December, Wang Kehan hurt her knee and all the girls did wait her comeback during 4 month!”

“Now, it’s me. I hurt my back during the warm-up before the fight against Anissa Haddaoui and I fought with the pain and I won with my injury.”

“Currently it’s impossible for me to fight at Kunlun Fight 64 and you are not able to wait for me? You prefer [to] call the loser?”

“Why? What is the reason? What is the value of this belt?”

“Wang Kehan, you aren’t a great fighter if you accept a title fight against a loser. Too easy for a real champion. I’m the challenger.”

And Anissa Haddaoui, don’t forget if Kunlun Fight call you is because I can’t fight for the moment. I’m the challenger.”

Are you serious ? Kunlun Fight are you really serious ?In decembre, Wang Kehan hurt her knee and all the girls did…

Posted by Laëtitia "Miss Dynamite" Madjene – 蕾蒂莎 – on Monday, July 10, 2017