Lilian Dikmans muay thai boxing juice cleanse experience
Lilian Dikmans / Pic: Matt Korinek

There is a lot of hype around doing a juice cleanse as a way to “detox” your body. But is it really necessary?

Mention a juice cleanse and you will likely encounter a lot of opinions. Some people swear by them, others dismiss them as unnecessary because “that’s what your liver is for”. Then there are are those who claim that they’re simply dangerous. So I decided to try one myself.

On a typical juice cleanse, you consume fruit and vegetable juices and water for anywhere between one to seven days. My main concern was whether I would have the energy to work as model and train boxing and Muay Thai while effectively subsisting on very few calories.

I opted for “Fructose Friendly 5 Day Cleanse” by Greene St Juice Co. which is customised to suit your specific needs. The good thing about this cleanse is that it isn’t just juice. It also includes smoothies, soups and bone broth so it’s not as extreme. I wanted the cleanse to be low-fructose because I prefer not to have too much sugar, so the juices and smoothies were made from mostly vegetables, nuts and small amounts of low-fructose fruit.

How did I go

On days one and two I had a pounding headache due to lack of caffeine (I was drinking around three to four black coffees a day prior to starting). Once the headache stopped, I experienced a clearer head and deeper, more restful sleep.

  • I felt lighter on day three.
  • Day four was a struggle and I ended up adding some vegan protein powder mixed with water before and after training as I was feeling pretty weak.
  • I continued to add the vegan protein powder on day five, which allowed me to go about my usual punching activities.
  • If you have a history of disordered eating or find that a restrictive mentality towards food affects your mental health, I would exercise caution. The last thing you want is to springboard yourself back into poor habits following a period of restriction.

Every body is different. What works for some might not work for others. I listened to my body and adjusted accordingly rather than strictly following the rules, and still felt like I obtained some benefit. At the very least, soaking your body in nutrients from all the juices for five days had a positive effect.