Weight cutting, Daria Albers: I suffered metabolic changes

Daria Albers speaks on the realities and dangers of cutting weight in combat sports.

Daria Albers is a professional kickboxer, MMA fighter, Muay Thai practitioner, psychologist and mind coach. So, it’s safe to say she knows her way around the combat sports business.

Albers has competed all over the world in some of the top promotions against the highest ranking females. No one’s journey is easy in the fight game, but Daria has certainly overcome a lot of obstacles to get to where she is today.

Perhaps the biggest obstacle in her career has been the issue of weight cutting. The constant cycle of cutting drastic amounts of weight in order to make the lighter weight classes where most of the girls fight has taken a toll on her body.

Over the last fifteen years I was cutting like 10 – 12 kilos for every fight.

This burden, says Albers, was too much to bear. Ultimately, the unhealthy effects of it started to give her a disadvantage, rather than an advantage on her opponents.

“Over the years I suffered some metabolic changes… My whole hormonal level changed. My cortisol levels were super high, constant inflammation, I had joint problems”.

As we discuss in the full interview on episode 132 of The FightBox Podcast, Albers also states how else you can gain an advantage over your opponent besides through weight cutting. She believes mind coaching is the key.

“There comes a time when you have to face the real you, your ego, your real issues, the real deep down hidden you. And if you don’t do it, you will always stay under your potential”.

Other issues addressed in the interview include how she got involved in kickboxing / Muay Thai. Her thoughts on the Polish kickboxing scene, whether she thinks females are treated equally in combat sports and much more.

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Daniel Austin
Daniel Austin is a TV commentator, journalist and podcaster for the FightBox TV channel. He is the host of The FightBox Podcast, an interview show where he talks to top fighters from around the world in all fighting disciplines. He did professional wrestling for 15 years, competing in nine different countries. Born in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA, he later moved to Poland, where he now resides and where he started the country's first ever pro wrestling promotion in 2009, Do or Die Wrestling.