Cathy McAleer partakes in kickboxing series Girl Power 4
Cathy McAleer / Pic: ProKick

Kickboxing series Girl Power – Fight Like a Girl.

The fourth series of the women’s kickboxing tournament Girl Power airs Friday October 13 on SFR Sport 5. The contest is a one-night eliminator where eight-international competitors battle out in the format of the Olympic system: quarter-final, semi-final, final. To take all the contender has to earn three victories during one evening. Prestigious WKN championship belt at stake.

The organization has previously revealed the names of three fighters partaking in the upcoming show. On Monday, the promotion announced the fourth participant, Cathy McAleer out of Northern Ireland.

With over 100 Karate contests, representing the famed ProKick Gym Belfast, Cathy McAleer is the WKN World bantamweight champion in Full Contact. Over the course of her career the protegee of Billy Muray has earned victories against such opponents as Kylie Cocker of Malta, Fabienne Erdas of Germany, Ariana Siegel of the US, Dani Hodges of England, among others.

The most recent bout of “Karate Queen” was in June. Headlining The Usual Suspects 3 at Queen’s Hall Newtownards, McAleer scored a unanimous decision against Beatrice Marcialis of Sardinia. Her next quest is the women’s kickboxing tournament Girl Power 4.

“I’m delighted to be added to the event. This is another great opportunity for me to test myself,” said McAleer.

“I’m not entering this event just to make up the numbers. I have 3 months preparation for this – we will leave no stone unturned. I can’t wait.”

The producer of Girl Power series Bigger’s Better Boxing. The backbone is the World Kickboxing Network.

The current Girl Power 4 line-up can be found below. Other participants as well as the country accommodating the event are expected to be announced in the upcoming weeks.

Ashley Gilson (Belgium)
Pernille Schjonning (Denmark)
Tereza Dvorakova (Czech)
Cathy McAleer (Northern Ireland)