Zorka Stojanovic challenges for WKN MMA title at Brcko Fight Night 5
WKN MMA championship belt / Pic: Czech Fighters

Zorka Stojanovic challenges for the WKN International MMA title.

Brcko Fight Night 5 is held on August 19 at Blatusa Stadium. The event is the following MMA promotion by Borislav Vujanovic in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Zorka Stojanovic is expected to battle out at the event challenging for the WKN International 55 kg title. The name of her opponent is not yet announced.

Stojanovic is a Bosnian kickboxer and Mixed Martial Artist. She twice appeared at kickboxing series Girl Power facing off Bulgarian Iliana Gelebova and Czech Lucie Mudrochova. Her most recent MMA bout was in April when she earned the first-round stoppage victory against Nikolina Vokic at Serbian Battle Championship 13.

Brcko Fight Night 5 is the next event the World Kickboxing Network contributes in terms of the development of its MMA affiliate. Following the origins with the International Vale Tudo Championship (IVC), being a pioneer of MMA in Europe, the organization announced the Mixed Martial Arts branch last December. The concept “facilitates the progress of the international recognition for MMA competitors, contributing to their prominence towards their participation in the global MMA promotions”.

In June the WKN has held a welterweight MMA championship between Julio Cesar Alves and Jimi Coenen at Hombres de Honor 86 in Madrid. It followed a super heavyweight title clash between at Alexandr Cverna and Adnan Alic at Simply The Best 14 Prague.

The Brcko Fight Night 5 line up is in works. The opponent for Stojanovic as well as other bouts are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.