Caged Muay Thai 10 fight card
Caged Muay Thai 10: Rocky Boonchu vs Jay Dalli

Caged Muay Thai 10: Rocky Boonchu vs Jay Dalli.

CMT 10 is held on Friday August 4 in Brisbane. The event is an international fight bill featuring Australian fighters as well as the representatives of Thailand, New Zealand, Ireland, England and Brazil. The concept is a non-stop action of the hybrid sport that features Muay Thai rules in the octagon with fighters battling out in the MMA gloves.

The main event is a clash between Australian John Wayne Parr and Jake Purdy of England. The second bout from the top is a challenge between Thai Ghot Seur Noi and Chris Wells of New Zealand.

The program also comprises two women’s Muay Thai contests. Jemma Byard is up against Amelia Dickson while Jada Ketley faces off Rachelle Harrison.

On Wednesday the promotion topped up the card with an interstate challenge between Lachy Lookmingkwan of Queensland and Jay Dalli of Victoria. The announcement has been made on Facebook.

“‘Pik Muaythai’ came to Australia on a holiday and he said if we could get Lachy Lookmingkwan a fight on CMT he will stay and help JWP in the corner. Well great news, Lachy is matched, but changed his name to Rocky Boonchu. Rocky will face Geelong fighter Jay Dalli from Chris Bradford Top Tier,” says the announcement.

The current 12-fight program can be found below. The Caged Muay Thai 10 fight card is expected to be finalized in the coming weeks.

John Wayne Parr vs. Jake Purdy
Ghot Seur Noi vs. Chris Wells
Matty Bune vs. Sean Clancy
Jesse James March vs. Liam Brough
Branton Termine vs. Callum Nadin-Mason
James Klingner vs. Jun Lee
Scott Rowsthorn vs. Jeff Bartlett
Luke Scullion vs. Chris Yeo
Jada Ketley vs. Rachelle Harrison
Jemma Byard vs. Amelia Dickson
Sam Roberts vs. Roberto Fogassi
Rocky Boonchu vs. Jay Dalli