WKN announces kickboxing series Simply The Best in Kosice
Kickboxing series Simply The Best come to Kosice

International kickboxing returns to Slovakia.

Kickboxing series Simply The Best is in its third season. The events are held in numerous countries throughout the world, including such countries as Argentina, Belgium and Sweden. The most recent show was in April producing a knockout gala STB 14 Prague.

World Kickboxing Network has recently announced one of the upcoming episodes, scheduled for October in Kosice. The happening marks the fourth edition presented in Slovakia. It follows three chapters promoted in Poprad, including the pilot in 2014.

The city Kosice will be hosting its second event of the world-level kickboxing. In June the WKN has held “Rebuy Stars Fight Night” dedicated to the return of “Slovakian Giant” Tomas Mozny.

The promoters of the event are Petr Lamac of Czech Republic and Lukas Bodyy of Slovakia. The match ups for the upcoming show have not yet been announced.

The previous episodes of Simply The Best in Slovakia featured such local fighters as Vladimir Idrany, Samuel Hadzima, Pavol Garaj and Emin Sefa, among others going up against international opponents. We will have more information as soon as it becomes available.