Women's kickboxing Girl Power 4 airs on SFR Sport 5
Girl Power: Serbia kickboxers Dragica Jelisavac (l) and Marina Spasic (r)

Women’s kickboxing tournament Girl Power 4 airs on SFR Sport 5, Friday October 13.

Girl Power – Fight Like a Girl, is a series of women’s kickboxing tournaments. The contest is a one-night knockout event featuring eight international competitors battling out for a prestigious WKN belt. To take all, the contender has to collected three victories during one evening.

The series producer is Bigger’s Better Boxing. The organization is known for three seasons of heavyweight boxing live on Eurosport. The backbone is World Kickboxing Network, the major governing body for kickboxing. The head official is a Hall of Fame boxing referee Steve Smoger.

In 2014 the organization presented the pilot on Pay-Per-View. Since 2017 Girl Power series air on French network SFR with two events held in Bulgaria. The most recent show was in June in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria.

The country hosting an upcoming show is yet to be named. To date the promotion announced six participants of Girl Power 4. The latest addition is Dragica Jelisavac (14-4) of Serbia.

Representing Kik boks klub Sindjelic, the 24-year-old Dragica Jelisavac is a gold medalist at 2015 WAKO world cup, as well as WAKO Balkan cup winner. Fighting out of Belgrade, Serbia under the patronage of Nikola Pavkovic she is teamed up with popular Marina Spasic and Rade Opacic.

The current list of Girl Power 4 participants can be found below. The rest of the roster is expected to be revealed in the coming weeks.

Ashley Gilson (Belgium)
Pernille Schjonning (Denmark)
Tereza Dvorakova (Czech)
Cathy McAleer (Northern Ireland)
Amalia Koleva (Bulgaria)
Dragica Jelisavac (Serbia)


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