Bob Sapp vs Greg Tony brawl at weigh-in – video (Exclusive)

Bob Sapp and Gregory Tony square off tonight at the annual kickboxing VIP event Fight Night Saint Tropez. However it appears that the things got a little bit too hot later on the day of the weigh-in ceremony conducted on Thursday.

As well as all other competitors Sapp and Tony weighed-in and enjoyed a sunny atmosphere of the city of “Rich and Famous”. Nevertheless the emerged footage shows the French champion pouring water bottle, soaking the renowned American pro wrestler.

Insulted, the latter rushes forward and it all gets to the ground. Although no punches have been thrown, there were five men separating the heavyweights.

Was it real?

Although earlier this week Sapp clarified it was all business and to look for a “fast fight” against Tony inside the ring, it appears that the breaking video of the post weigh-in fight shows no trash talk or stage combat. Physical contact is in place.

“It was real,” the President of the World Kickboxing Network Stephane Cabrera told FIGHTMAG over the phone from France. “The situation has been resolved and the fight will proceed on the card as scheduled.”

The reason what has caused the alleged conflict remains unclear. FIGHTMAG was the first to release the video.

Fight Night Saint Tropez is held tonight, Friday August 4 at Citadel live on SFR Sport 5. The full fight card can be found below.

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