Keeping clear skin, training at Muay Thai boxing gym

It’s no secret that Muay Thai and boxing fight gyms can be a breeding ground for pimple-causing bacteria. Gloves with a sweaty interior still soggy from the day before. Mats coated in a film of goodness-knows-what from people’s feet. Bags covered in fluids from the person before you. All it takes is an innocent wipe of sweat from your face while your pores are wide open and you wake up the next day with a lovely new pimple.


Keeping my skin clear is a must because turning up to a modelling job covered in pimples creates extra work for the make-up artist or extra time for the photographer in post production. Images are usually retouched to remove any blemishes. So over time, I have discovered that there are a few little things you can do to try and avoid training-induced pimples.

Several tips that can help you keep your skin clear

Don’t touch your face during training. Use a clean towel to wipe off sweat, not your gloved hand, sweaty wrapped hand or your singlet that’s been wiped all over the mats during sit-ups.

Wash your hands and your face straight after training. If you don’t have time to shower, try and at least wash your hands and face. Leaving sweat and other residue from the gym on your skin for the hours following training can result in pimples. I keep a mini face wash and moisturizer in my gym bag. So I have a quick cleanse and moisturize in the bathroom after training before driving home or going about my day.

Change your pillowcase regularly. This one is less about training but something I learnt from my dermatologist. Bacteria naturally present on your face and head accumulates on your pillowcase over time and can get into your pores overnight, triggering pimples. I like to change my pillowcase at least once a week.


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