IFMA Muay Thai Youth World Championships Bangkok
IFMA Muay Thai Youth World Championships 2017 / Pic: Facebook

IFMA turns focus to the Youth.

IFMA Youth World Championships is held from 3rd to 11th August in Bangkok, Thailand. The event follows The World Games 2017 in Wroclaw held late last month, where Muay Thai made its debut as a full medal sport.

Over a thousand of athletes representing 79 countries have traveled to Bangkok this week for the opening of the IFMA Youth Worlds. It is a highlight of the year for the young Muay Thai competitors.

The roster comprises boys and girls from 10 to 17 years of age. They compete in divisions strictly separated by age and weight, wearing a protective gear.

The official launch of the event took its place at Thailand’s National Stadium on Saturday at 7 PM local time. It followed the final weigh-in ceremony conducted earlier on the day. The tournament stars today, Saturday August 5. In addition to the battles in the ring, the cultural activities take up close to 50% of the program.

Senior government officials, including representatives from the Department of Physical Education, attended the opening ceremony alongside IFMA president and IFMA general secretary. With the reference to last week’s TWG 2017, IFMA general secretary Stephan Fox said that he hopes that “those 88 athletes will now inspire a new generation to compete at the highest levels of our sport.”

“Unity and diversity is more than a slogan for IFMA,” stated in the official press release post opening ceremony. “This championships proves that with the participants from 79 countries; giving hope for a better tomorrow and proving that sport can make a difference.”