Muay Thai boxer Rob Powdrill partakes in Ozzie Toughman
Rob Powdrill / Pic: Hitman Photography

Rob Powdrill: Like buying a lotto ticket I guess

The “Ozzie Toughman” tournament is held on August 12 on the Gold Coast. With a total of $50.000 in prize the program comprises two weight-division contests, such as under 80 kg 16-man eliminator and the over 80 kg 16-man tourney.

With 32 bouts in one night, the extravaganza event features the fighters out of different disciplines, battling out in the knockout contest. To take all the contender has to collect four victories during one evening. The announced list of allowed competitors includes street fighters, key board warriors, boxers, Thai Boxers and MMA fighters. The explained rules of the bouts allow kicks, punches and knees, equivalent to K-1 kickboxing.

Representing Western Australia, Rob Powdrill takes part in the upcoming event. Although he has to pay his own trip to Queensland he says he is OK with that. He accepts the conditions of the fighting game as if he was playing a lotto.

“I want to win the 20K to take my kids on an awesome holiday. The prize is good enough, so I have to get myself there to win it. Like buying a lotto ticket I guess,” Powdrill told FIGHTMAG on Tuesday.

Over the course of the fifteen-year career, Powdrill composed the resume in all four fighting disciplines. Among everything , the 2012 World Kickboxing Network super middleweight title challenger in France, is a man known for the 2014 Australia’s boxing upset of the year, when he knocked out Damien Hooper in the first round.

After a year break “FSU” Powdrill made his comeback mid July in Perth, taking the first-round TKO victory against Harald Olsen. The list of those he is opposed in Australian party capital this coming Saturday includes Thai boxer Chris Petrie, MMA fighter Gokhan Turkyilmaz, kickboxer Joep Beerepoot, among others.