Rob Powdrill at Ozzie Toughman - results
Rob Powdrill (far right) back stage at Ozzie Toughman tournament

Perth Muay Thai boxer Rob Powdrill took part in the 16-man knockout tournament “Ozzie Toughman”, held on August 12 on the Gold Coast.

The program of the event comprised 32 bouts in one night, featuring the fighters battling out in two weight classes: under 80 kg and over 80 kg. The eventual winner of each contest had to collect four victories during one evening. The allowed arsenal included punches, kicks and knees, in similarity to K-1.

In the opening round Rob Powdrill faced Joep Beerepoot of New South Wales. The bout went the distance. The latter was proclaimed as the winner via decision. Nevertheless the representative of WA remained on the roster, as a result of earning the “wild card”.

In the next encounter Perth fighter took on Brock Smith of Brisbane. The verdict was also left in the hands of judges and was called a draw.

“I think I’ve won both of them,” Rob Powdrill told FIGHTMAG on Sunday. Talking the second fight he said that him “and the other guy [Smith] that drawed were supposed to do the fourth round, but both got put through to the semi-final instead.”

As a result Powdrill battled out against the tournament’s winner Bryce Maguire of Brisbane. The contest ended in the first round.

“FFFFFFFFAAAAAARKK!!! I was warned and threatened several times with disqualification for FA, then get TKO’d with a double clinch knee to the face. Illegal blow,” Powdrill posted on Facebook after the fight.

“They weren’t gonna let me win. Oh well, had a go.”

“Mad respect to all my opponents. Especially Brock. Awesome battle with a hard c**t.”

“Time to drown my sorrows,” he wrote in conclusion.