Muay Thai training, Nathan Corbett teaches carnage elbow technique
Carnage Diary: Ten-day fight training in Novi Sad / Pic: W5

Carnage Diary: Ten-day fight training in Novi Sad

Novi Sad in Serbia is the home of Ronin-Carnage Global. It is also a host of the last year’s summer training camp. I have a personal connection with Novi Sad now, where my great friend Misa and his family live; and of course the fight gym is, where all the fighters and students have learnt from me over the past 3 years.

This year the camp was 10 days. It was hosted by Misa and Sergey Chepinoga, the owner of W5 kickboxing promotion.

There were 60 fighters from counties all over the Globe, attending and smashing it out of 10 grueling days of fight based drills, conditioning, sparring and yoga. There were also the daily team building activities, including basketball, volleyball, American football, rugby league and paintball.

Each morning the camp kicked off at 6 am for 1 hour of training. Each morning there was something different based around conditioning or fight training.

At 11 am would be the outdoor group games, which I had so much fun doing. For example playing volleyball with a 7 kg medicine ball, as well as contact basketball. Then one day I showed the all what rugby league was. But had no ball, so we used a 5 kg medicine ball again. Got a little rough when few tackles hit hard, and competitive side of everyone kicked in. So much fun.

There was sparring about 7 nights out of 10. So the fighters had plenty of rounds with all different levels of champions.

From 7.30 pm to 9 pm we had fight training with the 4 different coaches. Plus famous Brazilian Muay Thai legend Cosmo Alexandre has taken one night. With the few different coaches they got to experience various styles of fighting, including myself teaching not only my striking style, but also yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

The yoga and meditation practice is an element added to my teaching, as I’ve connected more with training on an holistic level, not just physical. I had some great results over the camp with this. It was an amazing experience to be able to teach so many fighters the softer side of being a warrior.

With all that been done, we finished off with a farewell party. Everyone had so much fun dancing and enjoying the hard work. It was so nice to witness that many fighters from all different gyms and countries come together, train hard, spar hard, and then share the dance floor and laughs together, making new life time friends.

My passion is to inspire people. I believe I accomplished this over the 10 days. Next stop is Rome to be inspired by history, before making our way to Northern Ireland where we run an Ultimate Warrior Retreat day in Derry.