Bellator Kickboxing champ Denise Kielholtz next fight ‘in the cage’


Denise Kielholtz to return to MMA this winter

Denise Kielholtz is the current Bellator Kickboxing women’s flyweight champion, an MMA fighter, judo black belt and the proprietor of a new bakery in Amsterdam. In December of last year she defeated Gloria Peritore to become the inaugural champion in her division, defending the belt in April for the first time. She is also a former Enfusion Live -57 kg champion holding title wins over Ilona Wijmans and current Glory women’s champ Tiffany van Soest.

Her achievements in kickboxing aside, “Miss Dynamite” made her intentions clear as to where her future lies. Mixed Martial Arts.

“My next fight’s going to be in the cage. It’s an unknown world for me, but my background is judo, so I have some experience on the ground,” said Kielholtz.

Her only MMA contest came in October of 2015, a first round submission loss via armbar. This has not deterred her though, as she seems to have found new inspiration for fighting in accepting this challenge in a promotion that is much more MMA-focused, like Bellator.

Kielholtz does not discount Bellator’s prowess as a kickboxing organization either. She even went as far as to say that it is far superior than their biggest competitor, Glory Kickboxing.

“Bellator has bigger skill than Glory has and they treat their fighters better than Glory does. For me, Bellator is now the biggest kickboxing organization in the world right now. It’s a nicer brand”.

The Dutch native also discusses her relationship with her husband and current Glory Heavyweight fighter Hesdy Gerges in this episode. She also talks about her recently-opened bakery in Amsterdam, her thoughts on fighters participating in more than one discipline and much more. The in-depth interview can be listened to in full on The FightBox Podcast episode 136.

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