Muay Thai home ideas, three simple moves shared with Frank Body

This week, I teamed up with Frank Body to share a few Muay Thai moves that can be performed at home without any equipment to work up a sweat. The moves were incorporated into the “Body Detox” component of Frank Body’s 31 Day ‘Go Natural’ Challenge, which is running throughout August.

Frank Body is an Australian natural skincare brand, best known for their original coffee body scrub and cheeky social media content. The Challenge encourages people to detox their bodies and lives during the 31 days of the month through a combination of non-toxic products, healthy eating and exercise.

The three basic Muay Thai moves that I shared were straight punches, push kicks and knees

I chose to start with straight punches, i.e. one, two or jab, cross. They are usually the first strikes that you learn. They are important further down the track to set up other strikes like kicks, knees and elbows.

Then I moved on to push kicks known as “teep”. They are one of my favourite weapons. They work your lower abdomen and legs while training you to improve your balance.

Knees came in third to finish things off because of their ability to tire you out from a cardiovascular perspective when performed continuously. If you’ve ever had to do 300 knees on a bag at the end of training, you will know what I mean.

To work up a quick sweat at home, you can carry out each move continuously for two minutes with 30 seconds rest in between. Repeat until you can’t continue any longer.