Muay Thai stars Saenchai & Sudsakorn put on display at IFMA Youth Worlds

Saenchai vs Sudsakorn in Kard Chuek demo at IFMA Muay Thai Youth World Championships

IFMA Youth World Championships was held from 3 to 11 August in Bangkok, Thailand. The highlight of the year for the young Muay Thai competitors followed a historic The World Games 2017 in Wroclaw where “The Art of Eight Limbs” made its debut in July. The list of competitors for the medals included over a thousand athletes out of 79 nations.

Alongside the battles inside three rings, numerous cultural activities were included in the nine-day program. Among everything, a conference dedicated to healthy life took its place, where doping, education and sport were discussed.

It all followed the opening ceremony that began with a display of Thai culture and dance. Moreover, renowned fighters Saenchai and Sudsakorn put on a spectacular Muay Boran display. The latter is also known as Kard Chuek, which is a style of fighting when instead of the boxing gloves, the ropes are used around the hand and forearm.

On Thursday International Federation of Muaythai Amateur posted a photo report on its official website. Late last¬†week Saenchai shared a video from the event on his page on Facebook. “Putting on a show together with superstar Sudsakorn,” he wrote in the caption.

Both fighters are fresh of the win at Thai Fight Yala, held last month, where Saenchai took a decision against Chadd Collins, while Sudsakorn scored a nine-seconds one-punch knockout against Erik Massion. They are expected to make their appearance in Spain on September 30, battling out at Thai Fight Barcelona against the opponents yet to be named.


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