Buakaw Banchamek KO’s Azize Hlali with left hook reminiscing K-1 era

Buakaw: Left hook still sharp

Muay Thai promotion “All Star Fight” was held on Sunday August 20 in Bangkok. Televised event from Workpoint Entertainment Studio produced a nine-fight bill featuring local and international competitors. Famed Buakaw Banchamek headlined the show in a welterweight battle against French Azize Hlali.

Scheduled for three rounds encounter didn’t go the distance. In the final 20 seconds of the first round Buakaw landed a vicious left hook, dropping Hlali to the canvas. The referee gave the latter an eight count, however waved the fight off seeing that the Frenchman was unable to continue, although he had his hands up.

Post-fight Banchamek Gym posted a video and a set of photos on its page on Facebook. “The left hook is still sharp,” says the caption also advising that Hlali was “sent to sleep” alike Yoshihiro Sato and Hiroki Shishido during the great era of K-1 World Max.

The victory put Buakaw on a ten-fight winning streak he is riding since October 2015. With an updated record 230-23-12, 69 KO he is expected to headline Kunlun Fight Paris on November 11. Hlali droped to 91-13-1.

Also on the card Pakorn PK Saenchai took a decision against Julio Lobo. Manachai Yokkao Saenchai Gym similarly defeated Vahid Shahbazi. Complete results can be found below.

All Star Fight results

Buakaw Banchamek def. Azize Hlali via first-round KO
Pakorn PK Saenchai def Julio Lobo via decision
Manachai Yokkaosaenchaigym def. Vahid Shahbazi via decision
Mathias Sitsongpeenong def. Yodwatchara Fairtex via second-round TKO
Sammy Banchamek def. Keivan Soleimani via first-round KO
Petchaiyo Banchamek def. Daniel Brasileiro via second-round KO
Asa Ten Pow def. Phanrit Banchamek via second-round KO
Singkham Banchamek def. Changyai Khongsitta via decision
Keawta Banchamek def. Krobsud Fairtex via decision


  1. Hi parvis, i have a question for you. I feel like it might just be me who thinks this but did Buakaw’s KO look a little suspicious to you? I am of course a huge fan of his like many, but his opponent Azizse didn’t hit the canvas right away in my opinion his reaction was delayed and Buakaw did not seem as excited or amped up about it afterwards either. What are your thoughts?

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