Lilian Dikmans Real Food Healthy Body Los Angeles
Real Food Healthy Body Los Angeles / Lilian Dikmans

There is health food everywhere in Los Angeles if you know where to look. America tends to be known for its greasy burgers and junk food served in monstrous portions. However, Los Angeles is a melting pot of health conscious people so the food has followed suit.

Previously, I wrote about my experience training boxing in LA earlier this year. Training requires quality fuel so I also spent quite a bit of time seeking out healthy food spots for nutritious food. Plus, I also just love eating.

Real Food Healthy Body Los Angeles

I put together a list of my favourite eateries in Los Angeles to share on my website Real Food Healthy Body, but I thought I would share it here as well. My top coffee picks are also on the list because I can’t live without it and I always have a black one before training.

Gracias Madre for plant-based Mexican food. This could be one of my all time favourite restaurants even though I’m not vegan.

Cafe Gratitude for organic, plant-based meals and raw desserts. The raw key lime pie is a must.

Kreation Juice for cold pressed juices, smoothies and tonic shots. I love their ‘Feel Better’ tonic shot to keep your immunity up.

Earth Bar for healthy snacks, juices, protein smoothies, bulletproof coffee. As well vitamins and supplements.

Paper or Plastik Café for Melbourne-style brunch. They also serve specialty coffee.

M Café for macrobiotic vegetarian dishes. Their ‘Macro Meal’ and ‘Probiotic Bowl’ are packed with nutrients.

The Butcher’s Daughter for plant-based meals and juices. It’s a popular branch with the locals.

Malibu Farm for farm-to-table food on picturesque Malibu Pier. Great on a sunny day.

Alfred Coffee and Kitchen, which is famous for their “But first, coffee” slogan. I like their iced black coffee before training.

Go Get Em Tiger do a house-made almond macadamia milk if you want to avoid dairy. Their food menu is also great.

Blue Bottle for specialty coffee. They have a number of locations across the city.

Whole Foods Markets are everywhere in the US. You can pick up healthy snacks and build your own meal from their extensive self-serve salad and hot food bars.

Erewhon is a slightly higher quality and upmarket version of Whole Foods. This is one of my favourite places.


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