Muay Thai training, pad work with Darren Curovic

Kao Sok Muay Thai Gym

As I pulled up into the driveway of Kao Sok Muay Thai Gym in Forrestdale, Western Australia, I was reminded of my training in Thailand. The lines of tyres sitting on the grass out the front sparked memories of bouncing up and down in the heat before shadow work. Then as I walked in, Darren Curovic greeted us in Thai, “Sawatdee Khap”, with palms pressed together giving the traditional slight bow.

Established by Darren in 1996, the gym was originally in Canning Vale but subsequently moved to the new premises in Forrestdale, about a 40-minute drive from the Perth CBD. The name Kao Sok comes from the Thai words for knee, “Kao”, and elbow, “Sok”. These are two techniques that play a key part in the authentic Thai training offered at the gym.

As the gym’s head trainer, Darren has been training fighters and Muay Thai students since 1996, producing many world and national champions. As a fighter himself, known as “Dangerous” Darren Curovic, he won a number of Western Australian, national and Commonwealth titles. The gym’s second trainer is Thai Komkit “Jak 300” Chanawong, originally from Sangmorakot gym in Bangkok.

While I was at Kao Sok, I did a couple of pad rounds with Darren. I always love working with a person who has good Thai rhythm. We worked the usual combinations and a couple of different ones that I hadn’t done very often in the past, such as a right hook followed by a left kick.

I loved the vibe at Kao Sok and learnt some new tricks from Darren. I left very happy.