Saenchai PK Muay Thai in Thai Fight Knockout – new video

The King of Muay Thai Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythaigym hits the stream with a spectacular head kick knockout.

A new video posted on Facebook features on the series of “Thai Fight Knockout”, the promotions reveals weekly. The footage shows famed Muay Thai fighter Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythaigym up against Algerian Gjilas Barache.

The pair squared off in December 2014 battling out under Kard Chuek rules. The latter is a style of Muay Thai fighting where instead of the boxing gloves, the ropes are used around the hand and forearm.

The clip gives a view of the fight, the organization teased in June, from another angle. The scheduled for three rounds contest ended in the first.

Leading to a knockout Saenchai executed several jump kicks. He then made a motion with his right leg, faking an upcoming kick. Straight after, the left kick to the head was thrown. When landed, it dropped Barache to the canvas.

Since 2014 Saenchai is riding a 30-fight winning streak. His most recent bout was in July at Thai Fight Yala where he scored a decision against Australian Chadd Collins.

His next bout is scheduled in the headliner of Thai Fight Barcelona when the promotion makes its Spanish debut on September 30. The representative of the country-host Juan Salmeron is a competitor to face off renowned Thai fighter on home soil.

The trip to Spain is his third journey to Europe this year, after Saenchai traveled to Paris and Turin. Battling out at the local Thai Fight promotions, her scored the decisions against Shan Cangelosi and Abdelnour Ali-Kada.