Filming boxing & Muay Thai techniques with Lululemon activewear

It’s always a good day when my work overlaps with the things that I love. Earlier this month, I shot a video for Lululemon that was focused around fight sports training to advertise their their new “Box It Out” sports bra and tights.

The tights are particularly good for training. They are high rise with a thick waist band. They don’t fall down so you won’t find yourself in the awkward position of trying to pull up your tights while you’re gloved up.

Filmed at Tribute Boxing in Melbourne, the story follows my movements throughout a typical solo training session. The best thing about shooting with Lululemon is that, during the shoot, they give me the freedom to actually train the way I usually would without too many restrictions. This is in contrast to other shoots I’ve worked on where the direction is simply to look ‘pretty’ in your workout gear, rather than realistic.

In the video, you will see me starting out by wrapping my hands and skipping to warm up. Then I move onto the speed bag to work on accuracy, followed by some hand combinations on the bag and shadow boxing.

You might notice that I’m not wearing boxing gloves while working on the bag. This was because the gloves were covering too much of the sports bra in the shots. However, I actually find that working without gloves can be helpful. It makes you think a bit harder about accuracy and control so you don’t hurt your hands.

Although the shoot concentrated on boxing, I was able to throw a few kicks in at the end for variety. It was a fun shoot and the creative team at Lululemon did a great job with the editing. I’m looking forward to training more in the new gear!