Carnage Diary: A whirlwind trip in the USA

It has all started with landing in LA, just over a week ago, for a short two-night stay where I enjoyed some down time relaxing and checking out the Hollywood coffee shops. Then the Vegas excitement started.


Flying into the Vegas the day before the Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor fight, that everyone had been anticipating for many months, and scoring some tickets to the weigh-in at the T-Mobile arena, where the crowd was over 10000 people, and I’d say at least 9000 all Irish fans. So you could imagine the cheer when Conor entered the arena to hop onto the scales!

We never got tickets for the actual fight itself as the price was insane. So we happily watched it on TV soon after. Then it was time to hit the town and see all the madness.

Vegas is a crazy, cool and exciting town that never really sleeps

There are so many characters there, and it really is the best people watching destination in the world. The way the girls dress and the amount of money that is around is insane. But don’t be fooled, there is as many not so wealthy as there is wealthy people in Vegas. The town has it all. It’s a must see place.

I didn’t have any seminars in Vegas but went and visited Mayweather’s gym, as well as Syndicate MMA to check out the action.

Carnage Training

After a week in Vegas it was time to go to my first Carnage Seminar held in Utah. It is a place I’ve never been to before, and I feel so blessed I got the opportunity to visit it. It is such a beautiful city and has the best mountains I have ever seen.

The seminar was great with a big turnout. I’ve now got some new friends in Utah, which I plan to visit again in the winter time.

Moving on from Utah it is Laguna Beach for 5 days. We are meeting up with fellow Aussie friend Billy Simmons – the owner of Prana Supplements. The plan is to train and surf before the following weekend, which is another Carnage Seminar that takes its place in the San Diego Arena Gym.

More of USA to come. So stay tuned as the adventure continues.


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