Saenchai next fight in Hong Kong ahead of Thai Fight Barcelona

Muay Thai star Saenchai faces Jonathan Fabian at Yokkao event

Famed Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythaigym is expected to headline Thai Fight Barcelona on September 30 when he goes up against the representative of the country-host Juan Salmeron. The eight-fight bill is a debut of the “Thai Fight” promotion in Spain, as well as the third show in Europe this year.

However, the “King of Muay Thai” scheduled another contest in his roster, which happens just a bit over two weeks before the battle in Spain.

“Fight in Hong Kong soon,” Saenchai captioned the poster shared on Facebook, that shows him up against Spanish Jonathan Fabien. The contest is a lightweight bout featured on the program at the “Yokkao” event held on Monday September 11 at Rotunda Hall 2, Kitec in Hong Kong.

Jonathan Fabien is the 34-year-old Muay Thai fighter out of Spain. His resume includes the bouts against Cristian Spetcu, Nico Barbera and Sergio Cabezas, among others. Three times he has also tried himself in The Sweet Science, although facing the defeats.

Saenchai is riding a 30-fight winning streak since 2014. His most recent bout was against Australian Chadd Collins at Thai Fight Yala held in July. In follow up to the event, late last week Saenchai posted a clip on Facebook that shows several moments of the fight.

“Chad Collins, a true warrior. Thank you for the challenge,” he wrote in the caption.

Furthermore, Saenchai left another message for Conor McGregor. The caption is a comment onĀ McGregor’s fight against Floyd Mayweather in a square circle last month.

“Conor McGregor, respect for taking on the best boxer of this era. You fought with a lion’s heart, representing your sport well. You will become a better champion from this experience.”