Milan Pales tops up kickboxing series STB 16 Kosice fight card
Milan Pales in kickboxing series Simply The Best 16 Kosice

Simply The Best 16 Kosice is an international fight bill held on October 14 at Steel Arena. The event is the fourth series produced in Slovakia, following three previous chapters presented in Poprad. It is also the second kickboxing show in the city after “Rebuy Stars Fight Night” in June.

The program presents a series of kickboxing, boxing and MMA bouts. The roster includes some of the most notable Slovakian fighters such as Tomas Mozny, Vladimir Moravcik, Petr Vondracek, Pavol Garaj, among others.

During the last several weeks the promotion has been announcing the names of those battling out at the event. The most recent addition features Milan Pales and Kristof Nataska.

Milan “Minci” Pales (30-3-1) is a welterweight kickboxer, fighting out of Zilina, Slovakia. His resume includes the battles against William Diender, Vlad Tuinov, Luka Fonda, among others. He also holds the 2-0 record in W5. The upcoming event is his second appearance in the series after his victory over Milos Keljanovic at STB 6 Poprad in 2015.

Kristof Nataska (8-4) is a heavyweight Mixed Martial Artist who makes the “Simply The Best” debut, battling out in his home town. Riding a three-fight winning streak he is victorious over Martin Chudej, Tomas Vasicek and Tomas Copak.

The names of fighters up against Pales and Nataska yet to be known. The match ups are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

The current STB 16 Kosice line up can be found below

Heavyweight Tomas Mozny vs. TBA
Middleweight Vladimir Moravcik vs. TBA
Heavyweight: Petr Vondracek vs. TBA
Heavyweight Georgij Fibich vs. TBA
Welterweight Pavol Garaj vs. TBA
Super light heavyweight Adrian Valentin vs. TBA
Light heavyweight Vladimir Idranyi vs. TBA
Welterweight Milan Pales vs. TBA

Lightweight Miroslav Strbak vs. TBA
Heavyweight Tuslan Terpajow vs. TBA
Light heavyweight Pavol Langer vs. TBA
Welterweight Frantisek Fodor vs. TBA
Heavyweight Kristof Nataska vs. TBA

Cruiserweight Radoslav Estocin vs. TBA