Muay Thai, Saenchai vs Jonathan Fabian
Saenchai vs Jonathan Fabian / Pic: Facebook

Saenchai vs Jonathan Fabian – weigh-in

Famed Muay Thai fighter Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythaigym takes on Spanish competitor Jonathan Fabian tonight, September 11, in Hong Kong. The bout headlines a sold out Yokkao 25-26 event held at the Rotunda Hall 2 of Kitec.

Saenchai is riding a 30-fight winning streak since 2014. His most recent bout was against Australian Chadd Collins at Thai Fight Yala in July. The resume of Fabien includes the bouts against Cristian Spetcu, Nico Barbera, Sergio Cabezas, among others. He has also tried himself in boxing, although facing three defeats.

The program of the event also features the likes of Singdam, Manachai and Yodchai. A complete fight card can be found below. The official weigh-in ceremony was conducted on Sunday. The show is streamed live on Yokkao Boxing Facebook.

In addition, on September 30, Saenchai headlines the debut of the “Thai Fight” promotion in Spain. Battling out in Barcelona he is expected to face off local Juan Salmeron in a three-round bout.

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