Bill Seth boxing pad work in Perth

One of the great things about travel is meeting new people and learning new things. I am often away for work, so I like to take the opportunity to visit new gyms. Training with different people can be useful, allowing you to pick up new skills and gain varied experiences.

Last month while I was in Western Australia, I visited Mungkorn Mai gym in Wangara to train with Bill Seth. Bill is head coach at the gym and trained Rob Powdrill in the lead up to his victorious boxing fight against Damian Hooper. He is also a boxing and Muay Thai referee and co-promoter of the Nemesis fight shows.

Boxing techniques

After some shadow work to warm up, Bill took me on boxing pads for a few rounds. I’m always keen to work on boxing skills as hands and footwork are not my strong point. The first thing Bill emphasised was the importance of using my reach. We worked on throwing long punches, especially the jab. As you will see in our pad work video, Bill got me to throw both my jab and cross on his right pad, rather than jab on the left and cross on the right. Although I’m not used to this, I can see that it makes a lot of sense to throw both punches on the one target.

He also explained how to shift my weight when throwing a right hand, so that you lean into it. Obviously in a Muay Thai fight you’d have to be careful leaning too far into a punch at the risk of getting your leg kicked, but when boxing it really increases the power.

Bill also stressed the need for quick footwork and movement. We practiced pivoting off to avoid your opponent’s right hand so that you’re in a good position to follow up with punches after they miss. Staying on my toes with constant movement around the ring really lifts the intensity, so you can see I was pretty wrecked by the end. I really enjoyed working with Bill and learnt some valuable lessons that I have been incorporating into my training since returning home.