Carnage Diary: Travelling USA, Muay Thai Elbow Striking, off to New York

As I take off to my next destination, New York, I wanted to share my past few weeks of adventure and work from West Coast to East Coast of America.

Two weeks ago landed back in LA after finishing my Carnage Muay Thai seminar in Utah and had the opportunity to stay with a good friend at Laguna Beach California. This beach town is absolutely amazing with some of the prettiest beach coast line I’ve seen so far.


The five days spent there was relaxation and catch up on some rest after already being on the road five weeks. So it was great to stop and enjoy the sun, surf and people.

I’ve met some beautiful people that week and had the opportunity to connect with a few of them for a life long friendship. After staying the week, it was time to get back to work. So, down to San Diego was the next stop, where I had private fighter training booked, plus a seminar.

Steel MMA was the Friday morning fighter private training session, which was basically me taking five more advanced students through the details of my Elbow Striking system, and giving them all an insight into my fight philosophy. Steel MMA has a few high level competitors, who compete in Glory, Bellator MMA and other high level fight promotions.

Saturday was the seminar, which was held at Arena MMA Gym. This gym is one the biggest in San Diego and holds 160 classes a week, ranging from wrestling, BJJ, Muay Thai, boxing, kickboxing, fitness and all sorts of great training.

The seminar was three hours long and covered basic kickboxing combos, then moving into teaching my Elbow Striking system and mindset around that. We finished with warrior yoga and meditation, which was amazing and had some great affects on the students.

Monday morning I did another private session with the guys at Steel MMA before taking off to Atlanta, Georgia to visit my father for few days. Last time we’ve seen each other was at Glory in Chicago, when I fought Tyron Spong in 2013. So it was a wonderful few days there.

Next stop was North Carolina to run a seminar at Eight Points Muay Thai, a great gym with lots of talent in Muay Thai, Kickboxing and MMA. Only a small gym, but true family team like spirit there. The seminar was packed with over 50 people attending. It was all about Muay Thai and the Elbow Striking system.

Travelling, personal development

It was such a powerful weekend with beautiful people. It was little sad to leave this morning but the show must go on. So I am off to New York to run another seminar, plus get a few days to adventure around the big apple and hopefully meet some more wonderful people, which I’m sure I will.

For those who have never traveled or haven’t traveled much, I can’t recommend it enough to get out there and meet new people daily, see new places and learn more about yourself. Traveling is certainly one of the best personal development things you can do.


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