Klaus Hagemann, WKN Kickboxing Germany
WKN Kickboxing in Germany / Pic via Facebook / Fighter-Legion

WKN German national championships have been scheduled for the next two months.

Germany has been known as the country to stage some of the biggest boxing matches on European soil. It is also the place to produce several notable kickboxers such as Stefan Leko, Enriko Kehl, Dima Weimer, Kevin Burmester, and the emerged girl-fighter Meryem Uslu, who challenged Tiffany Van Soest at Glory 44 Chicago last month.

Under the guidelines of Klaus Hagemann, representative of World Kickboxing Network in Germany, the country has also hosted numerous National, International and World Championship events. The list includes such shows as Greifswalder, Explosion, Kampfnacht Kick-Boxing, Fight Cup on Tour, Eggesinger Fight Cup, X’ITE, Kiel’s härteste Nacht, among others. The two latter are set for the next editions scheduled for the next two months.

Held on October 8, Kiel’s härteste Nacht 3 [Toughest night in Kiel] promotes WKN National championship in Muay Thai. It is the second show for the year, following the previous event organized in February.

Ready for its fifth edition X’ITE Fight Night is held on November 25 in Trittau. The event is headlined by WKN German National kickboxing championship. The program includes a series of super fights in boxing and Muay Thai, as well as a four-man grappling tournament.

The fight cards for the upcoming shows have not yet been announced. We will have more information as soon as it becomes available.


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