Muay Thai, Carnage Elbow Striking in New York

Carnage Diary

New York, New York. The big apple is certainly a big city. There are 8.5 million people in the city alone, so it makes for a great place to meet new personalities and create new opportunities.


My Carnage Seminar was at Evolution Muay Thai in the heart of the city. The owner of the gym is a cool Aussie guy Brenden with his lovely wife. So of course it felt like I was right at home.

The seminar was another addition of my Carnage Elbow Striking System. This is where I explain my style of fighting and the attitude behind making your techniques powerful and having the ‘bad’ intention mindset with every elbow strike.

While being in New York I got to meet up with new fans, that I now call friends. So that was wonderful to connect with them and share few laughs and stories.

It is always great to meet up with people you have spoken with for years over Social Media and then start a more personal friendship. And I’ll say it again – traveling is where you will get the most lessons in life.

Up next Canada, then Bali

After New York I’m off to Canada for a four-day tour with Carnage Seminars in Toronto and London, which is about 1 hour drive from Toronto. I’m looking forward to seeing Canada as I’ve never been there before.

The seminar will be with a fellow karate brother Paul, who I’ve met 17 years ago. It will be nice to reconnect and visit his family and team.

Before heading home, I have a few days in California to chill out. Then it’s back to the Gold Coast but not for long. I have seminars and lessons to teach at Bali MMA.

Touch down one week, then off again for 3 weeks to finish off the year of international traveling and teaching.

At this stage, I will spend the summer holidays at home before looking more international with Carnage Global and my Elbow Striking System.

For any Australian gyms – I will be available November through to February.


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