Kickboxing Athens, Battle by WKN
Greek heavyweight kickboxer Antonis Tzoros (l) with promoter and WKN Rep Stefanos Konstantinidis (r) / Pic: Sports Clicks

International kickboxing returns to Greece end of the year.

Known as the leading kickboxing show in Greece, The Battle by WKN is set for its next edition scheduled for December in Athens. Over the years, the event promoted by Stefanos Konstantinidis, has featured numerous notable kickboxers such as Alexey Ignashov, Antonis Tzoros, Jahfarr Wilnis, Murthel Groenheart, Luis Tavares, Colin George, Pavlos Kaponis, Marianna Kalergi, among others.

The previous edition of “The Battle” was held last April. The main event showcased Greek super heavyweight Antonis Tzoros scoring the third-round TKO against Poland’s Wieslaw Kwasniewski. In 2015 the event presented Marianna Kalergi taking the decision against Belgian Ashley Gilson.

In addition, Stefanos Konstantinidis is World Kickboxing Network representative in Greece. Over the years he has assisted various promotions throughout the country, including New Heroes, Brave Night, Colosseum, among others. The next on calendar is GT Fight Night Round 3, held on Saturday October 7 in Corfu.

The exact date of The Battle by WKN 2017 is expected to be announced in the coming weeks. The fight card is currently in makes. We will have more information as soon as it becomes available.


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