Collision Fighting League: WKN Kickboxing & MMA – highlight video

Watch This: CFL 1 Highlight

International gala Collision Fighting League was held this past Saturday at Pionir Hall in Belgrade. Five thousand people attended the event that featured a series of kickboxing and MMA bouts. The roster included the leading Serbian fighters up against the representatives of Poland, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, France, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Romania and Russia.

Serbian heavyweight Mixed Martial Artist Darko Stosic headlined the show, scoring the first round knockout victory over Poland’s Tomasz Czerwinski. The co-main event has seen Serbian heavyweight kickboxer Rade Opacic earning the decision against Greek Dimitrios Vakakis.

Women’s kickboxing highlighted the show with Serbian Marian Spasic face off Italian Donatella Panu. The pair challenged for WKN International featherweight title. After three rounds of action the representative of the country host was proclaimed as a winner by a unanimous decision.

Also on the card Serbian middleweight Dusan Dzakic defeated French Benchohra Sofiane via the first round stoppage. In addition, Montenegro’s Vaso Bakocevic defeated Croatian Tonci Perusko by decision.

The main card comprised eight bouts. The complete results can be found below.

MMA heavyweight Darko Stosic def. Tomasz Czerwinski via first-round KO
Kickboxing heavyweight Rade Opacic def. Dimitrios Vakakis via decision
MMA middleweight Dusan Dzakic def. Benchohra Sofiane via first-round stoppage
MMA middleweight Vaso Bakocevic def. Tonci Perusko via first-round stoppage
MMA light heavyweight Bojan Gajic def. Tomislav Tukol via first-round stoppage
Kickboxing featherweight Marina Spasic def. Donatella Panu via decision
Kickboxing welterweight Nemanja Skoric def. Edin Sinanovic via decision (Extra round)
Kickboxing middleweight Zoran Grozdanic def. Michal Helbich via decision