Muay Thai Carnage Seminar London, Canada
Carnage Muay Thai seminar in London, Canada

Finishing my global seminar tour in Canada was amazing. I love to visit new countries and cities, and meet new people.

The seminar was in London, which is about one and a half hour drive from Toronto. My friend Paul Jackman hosted the seminar which was combined with some of his Karate students, and a few other different Muay Thai and MMA gyms attending.

It was wonderful to reconnect with my Karate roots again. It had been many years since I stopped and moved into only fighting, training and thinking Muay Thai.

The seminar was another series of my Carnage Elbow Striking System, which I had recently launched globally. So it was great to share this knowledge with new people.

The Canadian people are very kind and genuine which I thank them for. I also had opportunity to visit the famous tourist destination of Niagara falls.

Let me tell you, that is something you must go see if you ever get the chance. The beauty and power, all at once – is absolutely amazing.

Thank you to everyone I have met along the past three-month journey. Thank you to all the gym owners that hosted my seminars.

I look forward to seeing everyone again in the future. But until then, remember: the elbow is the creator of life, not destroyer.