Lilian Dikmans, Magnesium oil
Magnesium oil is a more potent way to get a dose of magnesium / Lilian Dikmans

Earlier this year, I was introduced to a new Australian brand of magnesium oil called Salt Lab. I shot their launch campaign with fellow Australian model Elyse Knowles and in the process, also got to test out the product.

I hadn’t taken magnesium as a supplement before the shoot. However, I had eaten a lot of food made with magnesium-rich raw cacao powder in the process of developing recipes for my blog Real Food Healthy Body. Magnesium oil is a more potent way to get a dose of magnesium. The therapeutic supplement is used by many athletes to assist with muscle recovery. Its active ingredient, magnesium chloride, helps to combat inflammation and replenish energy stores in the muscle. This makes it a great addition to your post-workout regime, especially following intense training.

Magnesium oil vs tablets and powders

You may be familiar with magnesium powders and tablets since these tend to be the typical way that magnesium chloride is ingested as a supplement. However, magnesium oil facilitates transdermal delivery. Administration through the skin allows the magnesium to be absorbed straight into the bloodstream. This can be a more effective way to take the supplement because many people have issues with their digestive tract preventing full absorption when taken orally.

During the shoot, we had to spray ourselves with quite a bit of the product and I noticed that my skin started to tingle. Apparently this is a sign that I was magnesium deficient, which is not surprising since I do quite a bit of intense training. Since the shoot, I have been using magnesium oil more regularly and the tingling does not happen any more.

Another benefit that I have noticed is that it helps reduce muscle spasms and cramps. I would often find myself drifting off to sleep at night after an evening training session, only to be woken up suddenly by a huge muscle spasm in my leg or arm. Spraying some magnesium oil on my body before bed has helped to reduce this. I like to spray it on my stomach and the backs of my knees for best results as it absorbs well in these areas.


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