WKN kickboxing championship belt
WKN championship belt

The dust has barely settled after Simply the Best 15 Moreno held last Sunday in South American Argentina. Nevertheless, the major kickboxing governing, World Kickboxing Network holds three championship events already this weekend in Europe.

Pro-Amateur European Championship comes to La Louviere on Saturday October 7 with Fight Night & Day held at Salle Omnisport de Bouvy. The event comprises comprises two chapters, with the bouts featured on the card contested in all four major disciplines of kickboxing. The day part starts at 1 PM local time. The evening part commences at 8 PM. The event is promoted by Kick Boxing Team Similia. The championship supervisor is Osman Yigin.

Up next is GT Fight Night Round 3 held in Corfu, Greece also on Saturday. The main event is WKN Greek National championship featuring Aris Antoni of Sorts Center Corfu up against Vaggelis Rigas of God’s Camp. The pair will battle out within the five rounds of Muay Thai. The promoter of the event is Tatsis Tsirigakis. The championship supervisor is Stefanos Konstantinidis.

The weekend’s culmination takes place in Germany where Team Nano presents the third edition of Kiel’s härteste Nacht (Toughest night in Kiel) on Sunday October 8. The event features WKN German championship in Muay Thai. It is the second show for the year, following the previous event organized in February. The championship supervisor is Klaus Hagemann.


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