James McSweeney: Pudzianowski vs Kowalczyk was ‘fake fight’

Ahead of KSW 40 James McSweeney accuses Mariusz Pudzianowski of fake fights and abusing HGH

KSW (Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki) is Poland’s biggest MMA promotion and arguably Europe’s biggest. Last May they sold out the Warsaw National Stadium with over 57,000 people in attendance, more than any previous UFC event. The card had its fair share of “freak fights” including Polish rapper “Popek Monster” taking on bodybuilder and Polish TV star Robert Burneika. Another one was the battle of two former professional strongmen competitors as Mariusz Pudzianowski faced Tyberiusz Kowalczyk.

On episode 142 of The FightBox Podcast, the UK’s James McSweeney, who will be fighting Pudzianowski at KSW’s next event on October 22nd, called out this fight as being a sham.

“I’m saying it was a fake fight. It was two friends sparring. That’s why you saw Mariusz out there feeling so relaxed and calm, because he knew the outcome the whole fight. I’ve seen that guy [Kowalczyk] with him in England in Wembley Arena, because he’s his security guard. They train together every day.”

Believe it or not, McSweeney’s claims of fixed fights in KSW are not completely unwarranted. In May of 2012 “Pudzian” fought Bob Sapp in what was unquestionably a fake fight. In fact, Bob Sapp freely admitted this to me on episode 135 of The FightBox Podcast. I also have my doubts as to the validity of Pudzianowski’s fight versus Butterbean in 2010.

When you actually watch the fight against Kowalczyk, it does look as if they two are only sparring. However, Bartosz Batra, Kowalczyk’s trainer and corner man for the fight, begs to differ.

“Man I was with Tyberiusz in hospital after the fight. He was f**ked up, literally f**ked up, leg, face everything.”

Regardless of whether McSweeney is only trying to hype the fight or not, he had some further disparaging accusations against Pudzianowski, claiming that he is abusing Human Growth Hormone.

“Now look at Mariusz Pudzianowski’s belly and tell me he hasn’t abused growth hormone for years. And tell me that every time you touch him on the body he doesn’t wet himself.”

James McSweeney vs Mariusz Pudzianowski

McSweeney and Pudzianowski are scheduled to square off in the main event of KSW 40 in Dublin, Ireland on October 22. This is the second time that KSW has ventured out of their home country of Poland. Coincidentally, this event takes place only one day after the UFC is scheduled to be in Poland for UFC Fight Night 118 in the city of Gdansk.

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Daniel Austin
Daniel Austin is a TV commentator, journalist and podcaster for the FightBox TV channel. He is the host of The FightBox Podcast, an interview show where he talks to top fighters from around the world in all fighting disciplines. He did professional wrestling for 15 years, competing in nine different countries. Born in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA, he later moved to Poland, where he now resides and where he started the country's first ever pro wrestling promotion in 2009, Do or Die Wrestling.


  1. That is a ridiculous accusation “Now look at Mariusz Pudzianowski’s belly and tell me he hasn’t abused growth hormone for years.”

    YOU look at Mariusz Pudzianowski’s belly and tell me HOW CAN YOU TELL BY LOOKING AT HIS BELLY if he has or has not “abused” growth hormone for years ??? Perhaps he has taken growth hormone for years but, if he has, YOU CAN’T TELL THIS BY LOOKING AT HIS BELLY.

    And how much growth hormone is “abuse” of growth hormone, and how much is “a correct physiological dose”?

    I suppose that YOU think that ANY amount of growth hormone is “abuse” of growth hormone. However, if he is growth hormone deficient, and if he has ever taken growth hormone, he might have been medically prescribed growth hormone.

    There is no way that you know if he has, or has not, ever taken a dose of growth hormone, but I have taken a dose of growth hormone every day for more than 19 years, and if he has taken growth hormone, I know it has been very good for his good health.

    Are you accusing him of being too healthy?

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