Muay Thai, Carnage Elbow Striking System

Carnage Elbow

Carnage Elbow Striking System is a fighting system that has been developed from over 20 years in the martial arts. Based with tradition Karate disciplines of respect, honesty and focus combined with the beautiful art of Muay Thai, this striking system will suit all stand up martial artists and fighters.

The striking system has been created from my famous elbow striking and the mindset. As well, attitude behind my elbows gives this system a different winning edge.

I have been traveling around the world the past three years, teaching seminars and looking into what other gyms are also doing along the way. As we never know it all, but what I’ve discovered is a common miss use of the elbow. A true understanding of how, when and why to use the elbow.

I made the elbow become second nature to me, which had served me well throughout my professional fight career. I now would love to share this knowledge with others.

There is a certain energy that the elbow requires. Once you connect with its power – you will feel it always. The Carnage Elbow striking System not only will teach you the techniques required to be a great stand up fighter, but also the warrior mindset behind it, to give you the focus to be a champion.

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