Lilian Dikmans, boxing gloves
Boxing gloves, what size should I buy / Lilian Dikmans

“What size gloves should I buy?” is a question often asked by people starting their Muay Thai or boxing training.

When I first started myself, I didn’t even realize that gloves were made in different sizes. I say ‘size’, but I should really say ‘weight’. Glove weight can range anywhere from 6oz to 20oz. The best weight to buy will depend on how you intend to use your gloves.

Boxing gloves for training

If you’re just starting out and need some gloves for classes that involve bag work and perhaps some pad work, I would recommend using gloves between 10oz to 14oz. This way, you will get some padding for your knuckles without weighing you down.

I also find that it’s easier to perfect your technique wearing smaller gloves. They allow you to feel whether or not you are making contact with the bag or pad correctly. There are different schools of thought on the correct way to punch, but I have personally been taught to hit with the first two knuckles where my index and middle fingers meet my hand.

Boxing gloves for sparring and fighting

For sparring, you will usually need to wear at least 16oz gloves. Although they will feel heavier on your arms, they will provide you and your sparring partner with more protection. Once you learn how to properly control your punches you might spar with lighter gloves, but 16oz is a good place to start.

Stepping into the ring for an amateur fight, you will most likely wear anything between 10oz to 16oz gloves. I previously wrote about my first amateur fight where I wore 16oz gloves. For a professional fight, 8oz gloves are usually worn. You might go up to 10oz gloves if you are fighting in a heavier weight category.

Overall, I like to wear lighter gloves so that I can feel my punches land, but heavier gloves are safer if you’re working with a partner. I personally wear 10oz gloves to train and keep a pair of 16oz gloves in my gym bag for sparring. For my last two fights, I wore 8oz gloves and I loved how lightweight they felt. However, getting hit with them definitely hurts more so you need to make sure your defense is strong.