Simply the Best Kickboxing, Tomas Mozny vs Ayman Hassanin
Tomas Mozny / Simply the Best Kickboxing, series 16, Kosice

Simply the Best Kickboxing returns to Slovakia this coming Saturday with the 13-fight bill, producing Episode 16 in Kosice. The event follows three previous series held in Poprad, as well as the debut of Rebuy Stars Fight Night made in June.

The STB 16 Kosice program includes a series of kickboxing, boxing and MMA bouts with three WKN titles contested on the night. The roster features the leading Slovakian fighters up against the representatives of Belarus, France, Romania, Ukraine, Egypt, Lithiania and Czech Republic.

On Tuesday the organization announced two changes in the fight card. “Slovakian Giant” Tomas Mozny was previously expected to face Poland’s heavyweight Wieslaw Kwasniewski in a three-round bout. The latter has been replaced by Egyptian Ayman Hassanin (12-5).

As well, Slovakian Mixed Martial Artists Miroslvav Strbak was lined up to challenge Ukrainian Komandor Ogly for WKN International welterweight belt. His new opponent is much experienced Sergej Grecicho (24-9) of Lithuania.

Slovakian Vladimir Moravcik headlines Simply the Best 16 Kosice going up against Belarusian Yuri Bessmertny in a three-round WKN International super middleweight championship. Also on the card Slovakian Pavol Garaj challenges Czech Matous Kohout for WKN International middleweight belt. The current fight card can be found below.

The promoters are Lukas Bodyy and Petr Lamac. A charity campaign supporting Smile at Me association takes place at the event.

STB 16 Kosice fight card

Kickboxing super middleweight Vladimir Moravcik vs. Yuri Bessmertny – WKN title
Kickboxing super heavyweight Tomas Mozny vs. Ayman Hassanin
MMA Super cruiserweight Pavol Langer vs. Rokas Stambrauskas
Kickboxing super heavyweight Georgij Fibich vs. Valentin Bordianu
Boxing super cruiserweight Radoslav Estoczin vs. Mateusz Rybarski
Kickboxing middleweight Pavol Garaj vs. Matous Kohout – WKN title
Kickboxing super middleweight Vladimir Idranyi vs. Bakari Tounkara
MMA welterweight Miroslav Strbak vs. Sergej Grecicho – WKN title
Kickboxing Super light heavyweight Adrian Valentin vs. Ivan Brokhov
Kickboxing super welterweight Milan Pales vs. Ruslan Kushnirenko
Boxing super bantamweight Martin Parlagi vs. Damian Lawniczak
Kickboxing super welterweight Stefan Meszaros vs. Martin Gano
MMA super heavyweight Kristof Nataska vs. Alexandr Cverna