Kickboxing Simply the Best 15 Moreno new highlight clip emerged

Simply the Best Kickboxing – Bosch Tour

Kickboxing series Simply the Best 15 Moreno marked the return of World Championship to South America early this month. The event held at Believe Buenos Aires in Moreno featured the leading Argentine fighters up against international opponents, representing France, Brazil, Uruguay and Mexico. Five WKN titles were challenged on the night.

Promoted in terms of “Bosch Tour”, the event was produced by World Kickboxing Network and Valiente Producciones. On Wednesday the organization released a new clip, showcasing some of the action ahead of the event broadcast last Saturday on Argentine channel CN23.

STB 15 Moreno was headlined by Argentine Federico Roma earning WKN World super bantamweight Muay Thai title by decision against French Tristan Gaetano. In the co-main event Argentine Nikolas Vegas, representing South America, claimed WKN Intercontinental lightweight title via the fourth-round stoppage victory over French opponent Jeremy Nkoa, representing Europe.

Also on the night Argentine Martin Velasco knocked out Mexican Daniel Rico in the second round, and took WKN International welterweight belt. As well, Pablo Roa scored the decision against Brazilian Marcos Dal Jovev, claiming WKN International lightweight title. In addition Florencia Greco similarly defeated Narela Alfonso, winning WKN Argentine national flyweight title holder.

South American star Jorge Acero Cali attended the event where he received a special WKN belt “Champion for Life” from WKN President Stephane Cabrera and former World Champion Belgian-Turkish Osman Yigin. STB 15 Moreno was the fourth episode produced in Argentina, following three chapters held in Caseros.

Last Saturday WKN returned to Slovakia, producing Episode 16 in Kosice. The highlight video of the recent show hit the stream on Tuesday.