Lilian Dikmans, United Ride cycle
United Ride/ Lilian Dikmans

Recently, I’ve been mixing up my training with cycle classes at United Ride in Richmond. Their classes are a lot more challenging than your average spin class. I used to find traditional spin classes boring with too much emphasis on the quads. In contrast, United Ride’s classes target every muscle group through constant repositioning of your body on the bike throughout the 45 minutes.

The classes are held to a pumping playlist, so you cycle in time to the music. This is what I love the most about it. You find the rhythm then totally zone out and get it done, distracted from the pain. The tracks change every session depending on the instructor and each track has a different feel and tempo.

For the fast tracks, you will be cycling double time relying on your core strength to control your legs. During the slower tracks, you turn up the resistance to burn your legs so it feels like you’re cycling through thick mud.

It’s a full body workout

On the bike, you’re always switching up your position. During each track, you will usually move between a seated position, standing, leaning forward, pushing back, moving your body side to side and doing a range of pushups over the handle bars.

Then there is a weights track where you use hand weights to perform a series of upper body conditioning exercises while continuing to cycle with your legs. The movements help to build coordination and you need to keep your core engaged at all times. It’s an effective fat blaster and will leave you drenched in sweat.

Muscle endurance in my legs has always been a weakness for me. I would notice this at Muay Thai training when trying to do multiple kicks each leg on the bag or pads. However, doing the United Ride classes a few times per week has helped a lot. My legs don’t gas out as fast, so I plan to keep it up as part of my routine.



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