Carnage Elbow Striking in Bali, Muay Thai fighting seminar & training

Carnage Seminar at Bali MMA on November 4

Following the three-months travel and coaching throughout Europe, USA and Canada, I’ve now arrived in Bali for a few weeks of teaching seminars and training yoga. Bali MMA are hosting the Carnage Elbow Striking System seminar on November 4. They have also got me doing some of their Muay Thai classes during the two weeks I’m over here.

My relationship was built with the Bali MMA owners when running the Ultimate Warrior Retreat back in May this year. So it’s great to be back here again, furthering my career as a teacher.

Bali MMA is the biggest fight gym in Bali with a great range of training from BJJ, wrestling, Muay Thai and kickboxing. They also have a strong professional fight team that are based out of Bali full time.

I will be working with the fighters outside of the seminar and open classes. So with any luck after a few weeks, there might be some elbow knockouts in their future fights.

On a personal journey I am jumping into lots of yoga classes to get more experience and training. So I’m excited about that.

While I am here, I might be also available for one-on-one training. For details hit me on Facebook or by email

Have some big news for 2018 but you will have to wait for that.