Carnage Diary, Muay Thai inspiration

At the age of 16 I was inspired by Muay Thai. In that moment I had not decided it was going to be my life, but I knew one thing – I wasn’t stopping anytime soon.


I was training Karate at the time, but once I saw the power and brutality of the Thai striking, I was taken in. From that moment in time it was full steam ahead.

Elbows where the point of difference for me. I was determined to make them my strongest weapon in the Art of Eight Limbs, another name for Muay Thai.

My first World title fight was in 2003 against Canadian Clifton Brown. I won by first round knockout using the elbow strike. This was when I gained the name the “man with the golden elbows”!

Carnage Global

After a 14-year professional career as a Muay Thai fighter and 10 years being World Champion in three different weight divisions, while obtaining 11 title belts, I then moved on to teaching seminars aound the world. With a reach so far of 16 countries and over 85 seminars in a 3 year period, including Australia, it has been inspiring to say the least, that my 16-year-old inspiration has made something bigger than I could have ever imagined.

Over the three and half years since my last professional fight against Gokhan Saki, I have managed to inspire so many people with the art of Muay Thai. I’ve been teaching people from all round the World my Elbow Striking System.

I have so much passion for teaching elbows as they created such an amazing fight career for me. From using them so well, with great devastation and destruction, it gave me the ability to have a global name, and claim many of my 11 world title belts.

Teach, inspire, motivate

I am currently in Bali teaching my elbows and mindset. I have a huge journey in 2018, as I spend more time in the USA, working with many Muay Thai fighters and Mixed Martial Artists, as well as teaching all walks of life, the art of a warrior.

It all had the beginning for me at age 14 finding Karate, and then at 16 finding Muay Thai. On December 16 I have the opportunity to share my knowledge with the next generation when teaching Carnage Seminar for the Siam Cup at PCYC Beenleigh in Brisbane. This event is a wonderful tournament for the youth of Australia to practice their skills in a safe and controlled environment. If I get to change one child’s life and inspire them to become the best they can ever be, then my life will be richer with joy.


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