Lilian Dikmans, Swift Supplements Photo Shoot
Behind the scenes with Swift / Lilian Dikmans

This week, I shot a campaign with new Australian brand, Swift High Performance Supplements. I have previously written about how I love it when my work overlaps with the things that I love. This shoot was no exception.

Historically, I haven’t taken many supplements to boost my training other than some protein powder here and there. I had been turned off by the vast majority of sports supplements, which often contain unhealthy ingredients and cheap fillers. When I received the request to shoot with Swift High Performance Supplements, I was initially a bit skeptical. However, I looked into their products and ingredients and was pleasantly surprised.

The company makes three, high quality supplements. First, a pre-training performance enhancer called SuperCharge. Second, an intra-training branch chain amino acid and hydration formula called HydraCharge.

Third, a post-training recovery protein called Recharge. Developed by an Australian sports scientist, the supplements are targeted at elite athletes. They contain zero banned substances listed by the World Anti-Doping Association and are made with quality ingredients without any fillers.

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Boosting performance during training

Even if you are not an elite athlete, the supplements are still a good choice for anyone interested in taking their fitness to the next level. I have been trialing the SuperCharge and HydraCharge formulas and have noticed that they do give me an edge during training.

You can take the SuperCharge powder with water about 30 minutes before training. Its ingredients are designed to increase your power and endurance, buffering fatigue. I was feeling a bit flat before Muay Thai training recently so I had some of the SuperCharge and felt like it energised my body and woke me up. I like the formula because, unlike most pre-workout powders, it doesn’t contain any stimulants. You still get a boost but without a crash afterwards.

The HydraCharge powder is formulated to be taken during training. You add a scoop of it to your water bottle and sip on it throughout. With branch chain amino acids, it increases hydration and helps to reduce mental and muscular fatigue. Basically, it keeps you going that little bit harder and longer.

The shoot was a lot of fun and I am looking forward to sharing the final shots soon!

Behind-the-scenes … stay tuned ?

Posted by Lilian Dikmans on Thursday, October 26, 2017


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