Muay Thai Carnage, the Art of Elbow Fighting


Elbows, I believe, if used correctly are the most dangerous weapon used in Muay Thai, and can cause fights to become a bloody mess

I wanted to write this article based on the amount of pictures I’ve seen of late, with the fighters posting up their battle wounds from elbows which have been quite bad. Firstly they certainly are warriors, to be able to keep fighting and not allowing the cut to throw them off, or to just give up. This is something I do love about the true Muay Thai spirit of never giving up.

So I feel the need to talk about elbow defense, and of course the elbow striking.

In my fight career I was lucky enough to only get cut three times. Only one of them was anything worth taking about. But as you know, I have caused many cuts, breaks knockouts to others. Was it luck or was it better defense?

The the mindset I always had as an elbow fighter was if I could elbow them that meant I was close enough to be elbowed at the same time. So I made sure I was always mentally prepared for the return. Second to that, I always went first, which gave me the first opportunity to create damage.

Fighters will always get some damage in Muay Thai, if you have enough fights and like to get in and bang. But I personally don’t like to see the posts from young fighters feeling it is “cool” to have been cut one to several times.

I’m certainly not saying that getting cut can be completely avoided. But with better defense it can be avoided more often. Getting cut isn’t something you want too often, especially around the check bone or eyebrow area, causing scar tissue and making the area more fragile. As eventually even punches will open up the cut area again.

So I want to encourage fighters and trainers to start building a bigger awareness around the mindset of what can be done to others can be returned. So next time you enter elbow range – remember this. Elbow and stay safe.