Muay Thai, Antar Kacem face Nicolas Vega
Antar Kacem (r) in his 2016 bout against Wittaya Thawinwprai in Trieste, Italy / Pic: via Facebook

International kickboxing returns to French city Saint-Fons with Nuit de Challenges 17 promoted by Nasser Kacem. The event takes place at Palais des Sports on Saturday December 16. The fight card includes some of the notable representatives of the country-host up against the guests out of Bulgaria, Serbia, Argentina and Thailand.

In addition to two previously announced bouts, on Friday World Kickboxing Network topped up the fight bill with the lightweight intercontinental match up. “French lightweight Antar Kacem faces Argentine Nicolas Vega at Nuit des Challenges 17 on December 16 in Saint-Fons,” the organization posted on Twitter.

Antom Kacem [Antar], the son of the famed trainer out of Lyon Nasser Kacem, is known for his battles against Italian Ruben Sciortino, Thai Wittaya Thawinwprai, among others. Nikolas Vega is fresh of the fourth-round knockout victory over French Jeremy Nkoa at Simply the Best 15 Moreno last month, when he claimed WKN Intercontinental lightweight title. The Kacem vs Vega bout is scheduled for three rounds.

Nuit de Challenges 17 also includes French Abdallah Mabel up against Bulgarian Hristo Hristov. The pair squares the differences at middleweight. In addition, French super heavyweight Yuksel Ayaydin takes on Serbian Mihajlo Kecojevic. The fight card also includes a series of Muay Thai challenges featuring French fighters faces off the opponents from Thailand.

Middleweight Abdallah Mabel vs. Hristo Hristov
Super heavyweight Yuksel Ayaydin vs. Mihajlo Kecojevic
Lightweight Antar Kacem vs. Nikolas Vega


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