Post-training recovery, infrared sauna & compression pumps

Recovery is an important part of any training regime. Ask any professional athlete and they will most likely agree. Even if you’re not an athlete but train regularly and want to get the most out of your sessions, recovery cannot be neglected.


Quality sleep, stretching and proper nutrition are all things that I try to maintain as best I can. I have also previously written about how I use magnesium oil to help with muscle recovery. However, my body has been extra sore recently from holding pads in addition to my own training. It’s hard to get through modelling jobs wearing high heels when my muscles are very sore so I wanted to find a way to speed up my recovery.

Infrared sauna

I’ve been using the infrared saunas at Muscle and Bone Clinic in Melbourne a few times per week, usually after training. I don’t find traditional steam saunas very relaxing anymore after having to use them for weight cutting. However, infrared saunas provide a dry heat so they’re not as suffocating. I do one hour sessions in the infrared sauna and find that I only start to struggle a bit with the heat during the last 10 to 15 minutes. While you’re in the sauna, the infrared waves safely flush out toxins from your body and increase blood circulation to promote tissue repair and healthy skin.

Recovery compression pumps

I have also just started to use the recovery pumps at the clinic before I get into the sauna. They are compression boots or sleeves that blow up slowly to compress your body parts, then release the pressure so the blood flows back through. This cycle repeats for 45 minutes to help rid muscles of fatigue, soreness and inflammation.

Applying compression helps to clear metabolic waste build-up and restore the natural delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle. I have tried the leg pumps so far and my legs felt so much lighter afterwards. I’m looking forward to doing my arms and shoulders next time.


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