Modern Day Warrior

From the warrior we see today, to the great warriors from the past

Over the past 24 years I have been a warrior myself. I have pretty much dedicated my whole life to being the one since the age of 14.

When we think of great warriors of the past, the likes of the Samurai Warriors always pop into my head. For others it may be the gladiators or the Spartans, possibly even the Vikings or the kings of the medieval times. Say more, recently ones like Bruce Lee or champions like Muhammad Ali, and so on. What always inspired me the most about what we know about the Samurai Warrior, was the humbleness and honorable spirit they kept, while still being a powerful and dangerous warrior.

Humble, intelligent, powerful, integral, with fire in is eyes

Growing up in Martial Arts before moving into a fighting sport of Muay Thai, I was lost in the beauty of the Martial Arts and the magical mastery of it all. With Bruce Lee, being someone I would not only love to watch his movies, but listen to his profound knowledge and wisdom.

Bruce Lee was certainly a warrior before his time, and was years ahead of everyone else on the Planet in movement and perception. He was such a powerful spirit. To this day, I believe, he was the perfect example of a modern day warrior.

One thing I love about a true warrior is the ability to turn the switch and become a scary force. But in an instant, can turn back off and be calm and gentle.

Getting too much

However what I wanted to write about was – the modern day warrior, I believe, has lost their way of what it was all about.

It seems to be that with all the hype about UFC and the promotion of fighters hating each other and talking so much smack talk… it has created a problem, and a new way of the warrior in the eyes of the public and the media.

I will be careful how I write this, because firstly every fighter that does step into the ring or cage – is a warrior. As it takes much bravery to do so, and certainly not all fighters are acting of this nature.

But I feel it’s getting to much now, with the rise of Conor McGregor’s fame came a new way of selling fights, and way of acting. Some of it is certainly got some value to it all, but then sometimes it just goes too far.

Again, I’m not pointing fingers, but it’s a great example of what I’m talking about. For example his fight against Mayweather was all about tearing each other down personally, and really nothing about the fight. And now it’s happening everywhere you look, especially in the UFC, and because of course it’s all about pay-per-view ratings.

True Warrior

I was humbled and inspired by the weekend’s last UFC event in New York, where the champions, all had a hard night of fighting, and the new female champion Rose Namajunas talked about love, kindness and being humble. It was such a breath of fresh air to see and hear.

We are not talking about soft people. We are talking about bad ass fighters in the fight. But before and after, remaining a humble, noble warrior, showing again what a true Martial Artist and Warrior is.

I love blood and knockouts just as much as the rest. But to me, there is nothing better than a kind, humble, respectful person that is doing that.

You don’t have to be a bad person to be violent in the ring or cage. You can purely just be the warrior. When it’s time to fight – it’s time to kill. At all other times – it’s time to be kind and humble.

The modern day warrior is still alive in some of us, and in others – is lost. But with more champions like Rose we have a brighter future in the combat sports.

So remember, modern or old – the true warrior remains the same.