World Muay Thai Angels semifinals
World Muay Thai Angels - Semifinal / Poster

WMA 2017 semifinal

World Muay Thai Angels is in the second season. The contest is a single-elimination tournament, featuring sixteen international competitors, battling out in a knockout system. The defeated fighter of each match-up is immediately eliminated, while the winner advances closer to the finale.

The opening round was held early April with eight bouts featured on the card. Six months later, the promotion has finally announced the next chapter with three contests presented on the program.

Such move appears unclear, since initially the second round was expected to be the day of the quarter-finals with four battles on the night. Nevertheless the promotion announced “World Muay Thai Angels Season 2 semifinals”.

The event takes place at U-Tapao International Airport in Phla, Thailand this coming Saturday November 18. The show is televised on Thairath TV, starting at 10 pm local time.

According to the event trailer as well as the official poster released late last week, the winner of WMA 2014, Thai Chommanee Sor Taehiran takes on Lucy Payne, representing England. Portuguese Maria Lobo goes up against American Natalie Morgan. Another representative of the country-host Namtarn Por Muengpetch faces South African Yolanda Schmidt.

Japanese Jinnai Madoka and Swede Sofia Olofsson were expected to battle out in the fourth bout. The expected line up can be found below.

Chommanee Sor Taehiran vs. Lucy Payne
Maria Lobo vs. Natalie Morgan
Namtarn Por Muengpetch vs. Yolanda Schmidt