Simply the Best Kickboxing
Simply the Best Kickboxing / Pic: Edgardo Ascona

Kickboxing series Simply the Best

Simply the Best is set for its final series of the third season, held next Sunday November 26. STB 17 Farciennes aka “Nuit des Titans XVI” marks the return of kickboxing World Championship to Belgium. The event features the reigning WKN lightweight champion Lorenzo Piras of Sardinia, who defends the belt against the representative of the country-host Allan Gozdzicki.

Earlier this week the organization revealed that the fourth season is in the works for 2018. On Tuesday five countries expected to host the upcoming episodes have been announced on Twitter. The list includes Belgium, Argentina, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Thailand.

In summary, including the next weekend’s event in Belgium, in 2018 the country will host its sixth episode, following the very first series in 2014 in Charleroi. Argentina will accommodate its fifth show, with the most recent event held in Moreno early October.

Slovakia, the country-host of the Pilot in 2014, is also expected to present its fifth series. To date the list includes three events in Poprad as well as the last month’s edition in Kosice.

For Czech Republic the next year will mark the fourth show, following three previous events produced in Prague. Thailand was expected to make its debut within this season, however the program has been rescheduled.

Simply the Best is a world series of the international kickboxing events, featuring the notable fighters, battling out for WKN world and subordinate championships. Nicolas Wamba, Ondrej Hutnik, Vladimir Moravcik, Tomasz Makowski, Yuri Bessmertny, Petr Vondracek, Cristian Bosch, among others, have appeared on the show. The series air on European network SFR Sport 5, following the broadcast on the TV channels in each country-host of the event. We will have more information as soon as it becomes available.